Social Media Love Part 2 – Get Content Ideas

In yesterday’s post, promote your own stuff, we talked about the importance of establishing a presence on the social media platforms where our target audience hangs out. This step is crucial. Do your research and find the places where the people you’re trying to reach are already hanging out at.

Social Media Love Part 2  - Get Content Ideas

This step is important in getting to know your audience and giving them what you want.  This easily leads to a wealth of content ideas as you are interacting and growing your presence.  Similar to the idea we share a while back about taking email questions and turning them into blog posts, you can do the same with questions on social media.

That technique alone is great, but don’t stop there.  As you're interacting on social media keep a notebook and start listing ideas for future blog posts that come to mind.  Creating lists like this for yourself is a great way to never run out of blog content ideas.


Want to take it one step further?

Start drafts for each blog post idea and make a quick note of what you want to cover, you might even write a rough outline for the post.  Save it as a draft and it will be waiting for you in your dashboard when you're ready to pretty it up and hit publish.

Are You Using Drafts To Get Ahead

The more you interact with your target audience on social media, the better you get to know them and the better you can serve them with your blogging content. That, in turn, will result in larger subscriber numbers, more visitors to your blog, and hopefully a larger income too!

The information and research you can do on social media sites are invaluable if you're willing to spend a little time interacting with your audience and finding new content ideas.


What's your favorite social media platform?

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