Let’s Compare – Quick Posts vs Epic Posts

Today we're talking all about blog posts and how they differ in shapes and sizes as well as range widely in both formatting and word length.  I've even seen blog posts with little to no words and instead they're sharing infographics and videos.

I wanted to compare two different posts that are on opposite ends of the content spectrum – quick posts (or short posts) vs. epic posts.

While there is no set number to define a quick post or an epic post, to me short posts are anything under 500 words. The post you’re reading right now is on the long end of a quick post, and not just because of the low word count. More on that in a minute.

Epic posts, on the other hand, are long, well-thought-out posts that convey a lot of information. They are usually at least 1,000+ words long. They also require research and aren’t something you can quickly sit down and write in an afternoon.

Let's Compare - Quick Posts vs Epic Posts

Let’s Compare – Quick Posts vs. Epic Posts

The next big difference between quick posts and epic posts – and one that I think distinguishes between the two better than some random word count. A quick post is something you can sit down and write quickly.


An epic post requires research and planning. You gather your thoughts, figure out what you want to share and then come up with an outline. From there you spend some time writing a long post that covers a lot of ground.  To keep your readers intrigued you'll usually include several different images or graphics to illustrate your point or possibly even embed some videos.  Some bloggers go as far as summarizing the main points of the post in an infographic.

There is a lot of work that goes into an epic post and it isn't something you'll want to publish all the time.  Instead, it's the rare project you put together to gain authority, links and hopefully a lot of traffic via social media and search engines.  An epic post that comes to mind is this one on 6 Tips to Planning A Luxury Vacation to Bali, but I'd say that is on the low side of an epic post.


Quick posts, like this one, are something you can write and share quickly.  They are short, to the point and easier to read, like my post 17 Reasons Why Norway Should Be On Your Bucket List.  These quick posts are your bread and butter posts, you can easily publish them several times per week to keep your readers happy and engaged plus keep your blog fresh.


Each type of post has its place in your publishing schedule. Are you using both types of posts?

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