Endless Ideas With a Blogging Planner

Yesterdays we talked about how useful the Google keyword planner tool can be when you're coming up with blog post ideas and titles.  Today we're sharing another too that can contribute to a successful blog – a blog planner.

Endless Ideas With a Blogging Planner

A blog planner is a great way to get and stay organized.  In our free planner you get some great tools like a post planner, monthly calendar and even a weekly planner. A few tips that can help you plan a successful year are to print out your copy of the bog planner and start making notes of seasons, holidays, back to school and whatever else your readers will find of interest, for example:

  • As a food blogger, you may want to plan some grilling recipes for May in celebration of and preparation for Memorial Day and some red white and blue dishes for 4th of July (in the US).  Kitchenbloggers has a great planner if you're a food blogger.
  • If you're a homeschool blogger, you will want to take advantage of Dr. Suess Day, March 2nd and other educational periods like Black History Month and of course the summer when families are planning for the upcoming school year.

You can get also find all sorts of funny, interesting, and obscure holidays online. There’s a pancake day, a hot chocolate day and more. Daysoftheyear.com is a good resource for finding wacky holidays you can blog about.

Quick Easy Blogging Blog Planner

The nice thing with any blogging calendar is that you can write it out once and then use it for years to come. Sure, you can add and change things out, but the basic structure is there and if you keep the themes and ideas loose enough, you’ll come up with fresh blog post ideas year after year.