Ask Your Readers for Topic Ideas

We've talked a lot about blog post topic ideas but trust me you'll be thankful we do.  It is easy to hit a content roadblock, especially after you've got your first 10 or so posts out into the world.  Or maybe you're sitting there wondering if anyone is reading your posts and if they are what they're looking for.

Quick Content Idea Answer Comments in New Blog Posts

Once you've built a following, even if it's a small one, you can start by asking readers for topic ideas.  If you took yesterday's advice on building a list to bring them back, why not send an email and ask them what else they'd love to see on the blog.

Another great way to connect with your readers is on social media.  They love answering questions and it is an easy way to get to know them without being a creepy stalker 😉 .

We're talking about blog post topics and asking your readers what they want to know. Find out more at Quick and Easy Blogging. #blogtips

Don’t feel like you have to honor every single request. Pick and choose the ones that make sense for your blog and that will benefit at least a few of your readers.

How you make use of these requests is up to you. You can use them simply as suggestions and then write your own blog post on the topic. If you're lucky you might get inspired to write a whole series of blog posts.

I know I've seen a lot of Mom's ask for tips to get organized from meal planning to creating a household routine. If you're able to write in a simple format and teach them a few tips it is a great way to keep them coming back for more.


Do you know what your readers want?

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